London Ontario Family Lifestyle Photography | The Fluit Family

It’s no secret how much I love lifestyle photography. I love capturing families in their element and letting their personalities shine through. There is something special about documenting the simple everyday, the beautiful little moments we sometimes take for granted. For it is in these moments that real life happens. And there is nothing more captivating.

We started our session in the backyard where little Cohen loves to play with his beloved cars and trucks, then went for a little walk around the neighbourhood before settling back into the house for the bedtime routine – stories, pjs and snuggles. We also got to capture Meghan’s growing belly as the Fluit family prepares for the arrival of baby #2.

Things are about to change for this family of three, but I really feel like this session captures the Fluit family right now. Here are a few photos from our very fun session!


London Ontario Maternity Photography | Denise, Conlan and Byron

I’m SO glad I got to meet this sweet, hilarious couple and their gorgeous dog, Byron. We headed to Gibbons Park where the wildflowers were blooming and I got to try out my newest thrift store find, a fabulous old chair.

We hit it off right away and began chatting between shots. It didn’t take too long to figure out that we had a LOT in common. Not only do we share our mother tongue (le français!), our  faith, our Northern roots, and our over-the-top love of our furry friends, but both Denise and Conlan, who are teachers at a French school here in London, taught my brother up until this year, and actually got to know him really well. The more we chatted (in French, bien sure!) , the more things fell into place, and the more astounded we were at how many similarities we shared. I love it when stuff like that happens, it really is a small world!!

Here are a few favourites from our session. :)

London Ontario Engagement Photography | Lemonade For Two (styled shoot)

I am in love with picnics, but life is busy, and they don’t happen too often. But when they do, I am filled with such joy, I can’t explain it. Something about sitting on a blanket on a beach or in the woods and sharing food and drink with someone you love that makes me want to do a little happy dance.

I’ve been dreaming up this session for awhile now. Nothing fancy, nothing too complex, just an idea, a story in my head.

As a photographer, I’m all about telling stories. Your story. I am passionate about finding out what makes you you, and about letting your real self shine through in your photos. But this shoot was a little bit different. More of a hypothetical story, if you will. A novel of sorts that played out in my head that I was itching to recreate and photograph. A couple in love setting off for a romantic picnic in the woods at sunset. A love note. A ring. Lemonade for two.

This was my first styled shoot, and I was so blessed to work with some amazing local artists. Olivia from Little Ladies Accessories created a gorgeous hairpiece for my volunteer bride-to-be that was beautifully incorporated into her stunning hairstyle, courtesy of the talented Courtney Simpson at Salon Entrenous. Paulina from Paulina M Artistry did a fantastic job with the makeup and finally, our lovely, hilarious and adventurous volunteer couple, Justin and Katelyn, were a blast to work with.

I kept it simple with the props – old crates, my favourite second-hand tattered quilt, and a lovely old fashioned picnic basket and jug from Goodwill. We used Katelyn’s unique engagement ring, which is a traditional Irish ring. I loved that we were able to incorporate something that was uniquely them into this shoot.

I am thrilled with the results of this session and am so grateful to the lovely folks who helped make it happen. Here are some photos. :) (click to enlarge, navigate with the arrows)

London Ontario Photography | I Heart Faces Photo Challenge (All Boy)

I took this photo a few days ago during a family lifestyle shoot. I was coming back into the house after taking a few outdoor maternity shots with this boy’s mama, and stumbled upon this sweet father and son moment. I knew this would be the perfect photo for the “all boy” challenge.













Photo Challenge Submission

London Ontario Baby Photography | Spontaneous Field Session (personal)

During a family hike recently, I couldn’t resist stopping for a mini photography session with my sweet girl. The light was warm and lovely, the field had a magical, whimsical feel to it, and my 9-month-old was as cute as can be.

Here are a few favourites! :)