London Ontario Family Photography | An Orchard Session at Birtch Farms

Every photographer has a photography “bucket list” of sorts – a list of locations or ideas they are dying to try out. Shooting in an orchard in full bloom is on my list, right there with photographing subjects in a barn, in a canoe at sunset, and on the beach at sunrise. When the Birtch family and I started talking about a family session at the family farm, which also happens to be the beautiful orchard my family and I go to every Fall, I had it in the back of my mind that I might get to cross this beautiful idea off my list. Sadly, because of the weird heat wave we had in March, the orchard bloomed far to early, and the subsequent frost devastated the apple crops. While I was sad to have missed the flowers, I was even more sad about the apples and what this means for Birtch Farms and so many other orchards across Southern Ontario. Thankfully, Birtch Farms and Estate Winery has a lot to offer, even without apple picking, so be sure to check out the fun activities they have for the kiddos as well as their amazing baking and delicious selection of apple wines and ciders (yum!).

Blooms or no blooms, this setting was breathtaking, and the gorgeous summer light combined with this lovely family made this one of my favourite sessions ever.  There is something magical about running barefoot through an orchard, and I’m so glad I was able to capture some sweet moments for the Birtch family in the place they call home.

Enjoy the photos!

London Ontario Photography | Happy Endings, New Beginnings

Today, July 16th, was supposed to be my first day back to work after a blissful year-long maternity leave. For six years I have been passionate about early childhood education and have been blessed to work with many sweet little people in a childcare setting. Early Childhood and Inclusive Education is what I went to school to study. I’ve always known that when I grow up, I wanted to work with young children.

My passion for photography has always been there too, ever since I inherited my first film camera in first grade and brought it out during recess to snap photos of my friends (I still have those photos!). I’ve always had a camera in my bag and my friends would always roll their eyes at me when I pulled it out to “capture the moment”. These two passions of mine have evolved hand in hand, with one becoming more prominent in my personal life (photography) and the other becoming my career (early childhood education). When I started Raw Footage Photography in 2010, it became a second career, an on the side business that I grew more and more passionate about as the weeks and months went on. I continued to dive deeper and deeper into photography, educating myself through any means possible and taking lots of photos. Looking back through the photos taken over the past two years, I can see that my skills have improved and that I’ve started to define my style, and while I have much to learn, it feels good to know that I’ve come a long way.

When my daughter Neve Adele was born in July 2011, my whole world was rocked. Having children has always been my biggest ambition. Hands down. It’s been my biggest dream, my deepest hope. I feel so blessed to be where I am today, lucky mama to a beautiful, healthy little girl who just had her first birthday. I’m at an interesting crossroad in my life, where big changes are taking place, and things are shifting. I’ve decided not to return to my work in early childhood education at this time, as I feel that I have my own little person to care for, play with and enjoy right now. My passion for children is still there, but it has shifted from my career to my personal life, and I am investing every last bit of enthusiasm for play and motivation to teach and knowledge of child development into my own baby right now. At the same time, my passion for photography continues to grow everyday and is now taking its place as my main career focus.

I am so giddy about both these changes. To have a career that I am so incredibly passionate about that  simultaneously serves as a creative outlet and allows me to stay home with my girl is a huge blessing. I do not take it for granted. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with such amazing opportunities, to my husband for working so hard to make this possible and thankful for all of you, my loyal and AMAZING clients and friends and fellow photographers who are a source of inspiration and encouragement for me. I am excited for what the future holds, both for my family and for Raw Footage Photography.

A glimpse at things to come – a COMPLETELY new website, new branding, new packages, a giveaway and lots more. Lots to look forward to! :)

Stay tuned, friends!

London Ontario Family Photography | Father’s Day Minis

Since becoming a parent for the first time last year, one of the most amazing experiences outside of my own motherhood journey has been watching my husband become a dad. Watching his relationship with our daughter grow and flourish and watching their unique bond develop and strengthen over time. They are adorable together, and I often sit back and watch them play and giggle. There is something sweet and magical about a loving dad and his child(ren). I wasn’t sure about doing Father’s Day minis at first, thinking that the demand for them would be too low. But when a couple of mamas requested them after the mother’s day minis, I decided to give them a go. It was a smaller affair to be sure, but each of these mini sessions was sweet and special and I know that these photos will be treasured by these families for years to come. Here are some photos for you!

London Ontario Newborn Lifestyle Photography | The Krawetz Family

I’ve known Jen for a few years now. We met while she was pregnant with Kingston and we both worked in childcare. Since then, I’ve enjoyed seeing her lovely family grow with the addition of Charlotte and, just recently, sweet baby Oakley. It was so special to be able to capture some intimate moments for these guys, relaxing at home and adjusting to life as a family of 5. I love lifestyle photography because it truly captures a family as they are right now, in their environment, pure and simple. It documents the beautiful simplicity of their everyday, like snuggles and stories in the big bed, tickles from mom and dinosaur soccer with dad. Krawetz family, I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!