London Ontario Family Photography | The Kelly Family

I met the Kelly family on a cool Fall morning. The skies were grey and it threatened to rain at any moment. But despite the weather, we went for it, and I’m so glad we did! I just love the vibrant colours our location provided us – brilliant reds and oranges on the wild plants and bushes. Even once the leaves have fallen, it’s still possible to find beautiful and colourful Fall locations! We had such fun exploring the fields and trails. Maryn, Jack and Madelyn are as cute as they get, and we laughed and giggled as we played red light, green light and collected rocks and leaves. We captured so many sweet interactions during this session, and I hope the Kelly family treasures them for years to come! Here is a look at their session.

London Ontario Family Photographer | The Babineau Family

Meet the gorgeous Babineau Family. The lovely Caleigh, who is also a photographer, brought her family all the way from Newmarket to London just for this session, and I was so completely honoured. They were rewarded with one of the sunniest October evenings we’ve had. Their entire session was bathed in delicious golden light, the kind that makes my heart skip a beat. Believe it or not, the youngest Babineau girl is named Neve, just like my little monkey. Such a fun coincidence. I loved this session, and I am so glad I was able to be a part of this family’s memory-making. Caleigh, thank you so much for making the trip – it was a pleasure meeting you and your family!! xo

London Ontario Family Photography | The Kucharski Family

I met the lovely Mallory through Facebook. She is a photographer herself and I was so honoured when she asked me to capture some memories for her gorgeous family. Little Anya is crazy adorable, and the three of them together are as sweet as can be. The weather prediction for our session date was rain, but we were able to beat the downpour and get some amazing shots. We started in a beautiful wild field and ended our session in a charming wooded trail. This was one of those sessions that had me saying “awwww” at every photo.  Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph you, Kucharski Family! Here are some favourites.

London Ontario Family Photography | The Carmichael Family’s Sunrise Session

Back in the Summer, I had the amazing opportunity to partner with London Moms and their “Mama’s Got Swag” Review/Giveaway blog. (You can read the amazing review of Raw Footage Photography here.) Shannon was the winner of the giveaway for a free session, and I was thrilled when she agreed to an early morning sunrise shoot in a local pumpkin patch. There wasn’t a cloud in sight and, while the air was cold (I’m talking frost on the windshield cold!), the light was simply gorgeous. After exploring the pumpkins, we headed to the adjacent wild field and I just loved the vivid colours that surrounded us. If anyone is skeptical about early sessions and taking pictures in the cold, these photos are sure to change your mind!

This family is so sweet and laid back, not to mention adorable, and I am SO glad that I was able to connect with them through the London Moms giveaway.

Here are a few photos from our session!

London Ontario Couple Photography | Natalie and Ron (and Marley!)

Natalie and Ron are the amazing team behind Mint Photography. I first stumbled upon Natalie’s work on Facebook, and I immediately fell in love with her  photography style (and I messaged her to tell her so!). Shortly after, she stumbled upon my listing on The Friendly Photographer and messaged me to tell me she loved my work, too. After chatting a bit over the internet, we finally were able to meet in person over coffee (and discovered we had lots in common!) and had a little photoshoot to refresh my personal branding photos. She has been such a huge encouragement to me over the last couple of months, and I am so blessed by our growing friendship. I was so honoured when she asked me to photograph her with her husband Ron and their new adorable puppy Marley. It was my first time photographing another photographer, and while I was a bit nervous, I was mostly over-the-moon-excited to be trusted with such a huge responsibility. Natalie and Ron, you guys are one good looking couple, and I had a blast hanging out with you! Here are a few of my favourites from the session!

London Ontario Maternity Photography | Teresa, Ali and Isaac

Teresa received a maternity session with me as a gift from her lovely sister-in-law, Megan. It was such a pleasure to meet her beautiful, joyful little family. Isaac is such an adorable little boy who is just the perfect balance between silly and shy, with lots of sweetness to go around. He gave me some smiles that were seriously heart-melting. It was so wonderful to photograph such a down-to-earth, relaxed family that loves to play, sing and laugh together.

Teresa, you are glowing and I can’t wait to find out if that precious bundle inside that perfect belly of yours is a little brother or little sister!!

Here are some favourites from our session.

London Ontario Photography | I Heart Faces Photo Challenge (Friendship)

Friendship. Now there’s a vast theme for this month’s judged I Heart Faces photo challenge. Friendship can be so many things, and can be represented in so many ways.

It was hard to choose a photo for the challenge, because I feel like all of my photos tell a story of friendship in some way. Friendship between siblings, between spouses, between long time buddies… But I settled on this one, taken last weekend during a sunrise session, because it makes my heart melt a little. While I suppose this photo would also fall under the “love” category, a marriage is very much a lifelong friendship, and the joy these two share simply from being together was so evident. This is one of the many faces of friendship!

Photo Challenge Submission

London Ontario Family Photography | Friyia Family

I love meeting new clients – it’s always so exciting to have new faces to photograph. But there will always be a special place in my heart for loyal clients who come back to me again and again to photograph them over the years. This was the fourth time I was able to capture some memories for the lovely Friyia family, and it was such a joy to see them again. This family is seriously photogenic and stylish. I loved the pops of fushia in their coordinating wardrobes. Jillian was as energetic and spirited as ever, and she jumped at the opportunity to have a mini photoshoot just for her at the end of our family session. Cole, who was a little less excited (apparently family portraits don’t rate high on a teenager’s cool list, hehe), still flashed his classic charming smile that lights up each photo he is in.

Friyia family, you’re lovely and so much fun, and I’m so grateful and honoured to be your photographer! Here are some favourites.

London Ontario Outdoor Fall Family Photos

London Ontario Family Photography | Kruger Family

Photographing this lovely family made me hope for a second daughter someday. Seeing the way these sweet sisters interacted with each other and loved on one another was pure sweetness. We had a blast exploring the woods, collecting leaves and throwing stones into the water. The entire family was so fun and laid back, and we were able to capture some wonderful candid moments. Here are a few of my favourites from our session!

Behind the Lens | Right Now

I am a photographer.

photo by Natalie Young of Mint Photography

Yes, I am. Simple enough statement. But I’ve only recently been able to say it without a hint of self-doubt. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a piece of paper stating that I fulfilled the requirements of a photography program. Or maybe it’s because of the long list of photographers from around the world that I admire like crazy (they are photographers). Or maybe it’s because I don’t own the equipment of my dreams (yet). Regardless of the reason, when people have asked about my photography, until recently, I wouldn’t say “I am a photographer” – I’d say “I have a photography business.”

I am a firm believer that the world is a classroom, and that no matter what you are passionate about learning, an abundance of opportunities for growth and improvement await (if you so dare!). My journey as a self-taught photographer has been exhilarating, difficult, amazing, discouraging, rewarding, frustrating, and beautiful. And it’s just begun. Yes, I am a photographer. And while I would have loved to go to school to really dig deep into the art and technique of photography (I still may one day!), I continue to embrace my journey as a do-it-yourselfer. Because photography is what I am so passionate about. And for every ounce of self-doubt in my being, there’s double determination.

Like any art form, photography is a very emotionally involved craft. It’s not about having a fancy camera, it’s about vision. light. love. passion. We do more than click a shutter. We document the world as we see it, we find delicious light and capture even more delicious moments. The world becomes our canvas, and nothing is off limits. We photographers become very attached to our photographs. They are the culmination of our creative efforts, our vision come to life.

When I post my photos for the world to see, I feel like an artist displaying paintings in a gallery, watching people go by, hoping someone stops. appreciates. gets it.  If my work seemingly goes unnoticed, I start to question myself. my abilities. my calling. I gaze longingly at the perfect work of the many photographers I admire. And I wonder if I’ll ever get there, while forgetting just how far I’ve come.

There’s a handful of fragmented quotes I hang onto for these times. Something about how the only photographer you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be, and comparison is the thief of joy and don’t let someone else’s success become your failure… or something.

I love what I do. I love my clients and I love bringing their story and my creative vision together to make something beautiful. When I compare my work to what it was three years ago, the difference is astonishing. My technique has improved. My creativity has flourished. My style has evolved. The work I’ve produced in the last few months is my best. And I’m excited for what the future holds. There are so many photographers that inspire me, but their strengths don’t need to be my weaknesses. I am learning to draw the line between inspiration and comparison.

I took this photograph last weekend. It’s one of my favourites… ever.

This evening, I’m photographing a fellow photographer for the first time. I admire this girl like crazy and am a huge fan of her work (she took the first photo above during my portrait session with her in the Summer). I’m definitely feeling a little nervous. But more than nervous, I feel excited. A few years ago, I never thought I’d be at a level where other photographers would trust me to capture their memories. I feel so honoured and encouraged. And yes, a little scared. But it feels good to be here. And rather than focus on where  other photographers are in their career, or on where I could be in five years from now, I’m going to enjoy where I am right now.

Right now is good.