London Ontario Maternity Photographer | Styled Winter Session with Found Decor Company

I’m usually pretty minimalist when it comes to photography. I might bring a crate or a quilt to a session, but I like my subjects to tell their own story. That said, I also love vintage props and antique treasures, so styling the occasional session is a way for me to satisfy my inner prop junkie every now and then. When I first stumbled upon Found Decor Company, I was in awe. Becky, who is the beautiful face behind this charming venture, is pretty much a creative genius, and is a master finder and collector of the most amazing vintage treasures. I knew that I wanted to style a Winter session for fun, and I knew I wanted her on board.

We brainstormed over the phone and through Facebook, and came up with an amazing story we wanted to tell. A couple in love, expecting a little one. An old fashioned horse drawn sleigh ride through the snow. Their destination: a charming pup tent setup with furs, blankets and cocoa to warm up. I took on the daunting task of selecting our wonderful couple, Nicole and Wade, among many wonderful submissions (shout-out to the beautiful and brave Nicole and Wade, and to all the other beautiful couples who volunteered!). Becky took on… everything else! Every prop you see in this session, including the fur coat and hat, is from Found Decor Company. Becky also secured the location and horses (big shout out to D.J. for his generosity and willingness to appear in these photos as our wonderful sleigh…err… conductor? What’s the word I’m looking for?). She even made the hot cocoa. Local photographers, stop what you are doing and go bookmark Found Decor Company’s website.  Go on, I’ll wait here.

Ok – welcome back.

I can’t emphasize enough how much fun this was, and how amazing it was to work with Becky, D.J., Nicole and Wade. The weather was a bit challenging, heavy winds complicated our pup-tent set-up and limited our options. But that didn’t stop us from carrying out our vision (mostly thanks to Becky’s perseverance, Nicole and Wade’s patience and D.J.’s willingness to take on more than he signed up for!), and I am so happy with these photos. I hope you enjoy them too!

London Ontario Family Photographer | The Glover Family

I first “met” Jody when I ordered an adorable handmade hat from her shop for a newborn session over a year ago.  We never actually had the opportunity to meet in person, so I was SO happy when she contacted me about a family session this past December.  When I asked Jody to tell me a bit about her family, one of the things she said was We’re a blended family who love each other. For some reason that stuck with me during the entire shoot. What a simple yet powerful description, and one that proved to be very true. The love and happiness in this family was tangible, and there was so much laughter. The boys of the family, Nick and Christian, were visiting home during the holidays and you could tell that everyone was so glad to be together again. Gabrielle and Paige are two lucky little ladies for having such caring and fun big brothers. Hope you enjoy some of my favourites from our Winter session in Springbank Park! xo

London Ontario Family Photographer | The Ingratta Family

I met the Ingratta family at Gibbon’s Park on a sunny December morning. While we hadn’t had any lasting snow, Winter’s chill was definitely in the air, despite the warm golden light that greeted us. I had so much fun getting to know them and giggling with their beautiful little girls. Here are some favourites from their session.

The Mama Journal | Little Artist

There are those parenting moments that I knew happened in theory, but never really expected. The ones that catch me off guard, make me doubt myself as a mother, make me count to ten slowly in my head and sigh deeply. Those moments where things don’t go as planned. Where my little one’s needs seem to ruin everything, where my own frustrations swell up and make me want to join in on my toddler’s tantrum. Those sleep-deprived, emotionally intense moments when I can’t help but think this isn’t what I signed up for. Life doesn’t always look like the cover of a Sears catalogue- family laughing, sun shining, picnic basket overflowing, butterflies fluttering – you know the one. But that’s just life. And we go with the flow. I have those days, and I think we all do. My daughter can throw it down with the best of them.

But here’s the cold, hard truth (or, more accurately, the warm and fuzzy truth): Motherhood rocks. It really, truly does. There are too many “memes” and jokes and stories out there about how hard, exasperating and annoying motherhood is. And I get it, sometimes we feel like we are losing our mind, and we need to talk about these moments.

Please don’t misunderstand me, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Not all. But much of it is. And somehow we mamas so often forget to share the sunshine and rainbows of motherhood. Like early morning snuggles, when my girl gives me a hug and says “hi, maman” and kisses my cheek. Or family dance parties in the kitchen on a Saturday morning, or a Wednesday evening for that matter. Snuggling with books at my girl’s request. Or watching her sneak brown sugar crumbs while “helping” me bake. Truthfully, for all those moments that make me sigh and wonder if I’m really cut out for this, there are so many more moments that make me catch my breath and smile, because it’s exactly like I thought it would be – wonderful. Fulfilling. Heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Fun, crazy, unpredictable.

I always wanted to be a mom. And I spent a lot of time daydreaming about how amazing it would be.  And yes, there are those moments when I feel like I live in a circus (hint: I am sadly not the ring leader in these moments). But more times than not, it’s exactly the way I pictured it – but better. More times than not, I can’t help but think this is the best moment. Each day holds many of these moments. Here is one from today.

I have always been passionate about art, and it makes my heart so happy to watch this love of creating blossom in my girl as well. Today was the first time I pulled out my easel, paint and canvas for her. She loved it. And watching my little girl reach up on her tippy toes to spread paint on her very first canvas felt just as unbelievably wonderful as I always thought it would.


London Ontario Wedding Photography | Nick and Johanna

I’ve known Johanna for a long time, since her brother married my sister 18ish years ago. I was so honoured to be asked to photograph her lovely Northern wedding, alllllll the way in Timmins, Ontario. It was ridiculously cold, and sadly our outdoor portraits were cut short (I think we may have lasted 10 minutes!), but I’m so glad we went for it. I just love the frozen lake as the backdrop for this sweet couple! Congratulations, Nick and Johanna, I wish you all the best in your new life together! xo

Mother’s Day Minis

I have received so much demand for the Mother’s Day Minis in the past few weeks, and it makes my heart happy that so many mamas are looking forward to this event again this year! While the location is yet to be confirmed, it will be a woodsy area with a simple but beautiful styled setup (think antique couch in the woods!), as well as lots of uncluttered rustic space for more natural photos if you prefer.  Please see details in the flyer, as well as the fine print and time slots below. Be sure to book your spot soon, as there is limited availability! to book, or click here . FULLY BOOKED!


- $70 + hst can be paid in cash, by cheque, email money transfer, paypal or by credit card (onsite).

- In case of rain or poor weather, rain date will be the next day, Sunday the 28th of April. In case of poor weather on Sunday, alternate rain date will be Saturday May 4th.

- Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

- Minis are for mother’s and their children. Grandmothers, aunts, sisters and expectant mothers are welcomed! These minis cannot be used for a family, couple, newborn or individual portrait session.

- Participants will be required to sign the general services agreement, which covers release of liability, package and delivery details, terms of use and model release.

- Lemonade and cookies will be offered. These may contain allergens – please inquire.

- If you arrive late for your mini session, I will be happy to accommodate you, as long as we are within your allotted 15 minutes and not postponing the following session. Any lost time due to arriving late will not be made up, unless the time slot following yours is free.

- Session includes one dvd with 5 edited high resolution (printable) images.

- Time slots are scheduled according to the best lighting conditions.




8:15 – BOOKED (C.R.)

8:30 – BOOKED (L.P.)

8:45 – BOOKED (J.T.)

9:00 – BOOKED (T.L.)

9:15 – BOOKED (V.G.)

9:30 – BOOKED (T.G.)


6:15 – BOOKED (M.M.K.)

6:30 – BOOKED (M.L.K.)

6:45 – BOOKED (L.P.)

7:00 - BOOKED (C.P.)

7:15 – BOOKED (E.H.)

7:30 – BOOKED (S.M.)

7:45 – BOOKED (S.M.)




6:15 – BOOKED (D.W.)

6:30 - BOOKED (K.W.)

6:45 – BOOKED (J.C.)

7:00 – BOOKED (G.D.)

7:15 – BOOKED (A.T.)

7:30 – BOOKED (M.L.)

7:45 – BOOKED (D.M)

London Ontario Family Photography | The Moore Family

Emily and Brian were such a pleasure to work with, and their sweet little man is just the cutest. It was a cold and overcast December afternoon, but there’s nothing like family snuggles to warm you up! Here are some favourites from our session!

Project Ten | February (Pink)

I am so excited about this project. Last month’s “self-portrait” theme (while totally out of my comfort zone) was so much fun, and this month we are taking on “pink”.

This set isn’t particularly unique or “out of the box”. Let’s be honest – the cute toddler on the bed scene is not exactly uncharted territory as far as indoor lifestyle photography goes. As much as I love these images, I almost didn’t use them for this project, because I felt like there were so many other interpretations of this theme that might be more interesting to you – the viewer. But something about these photos kept drawing me – the mama – back in. And so here it is, my sweet and simple interpretation of pink. To most, perhaps just another toddler in a tutu. But to me, she’s my little Neve Adele –  silky wisps of baby hair, an infectious laugh, an affectionate spirit, and looking far too grown up in her big girl tutu.


Please make sure to visit the lovely Alana Harris to see her take on this month’s theme, and keep clicking through the blog circle until you’ve made it around. Grab a coffee, it’s going to be good.


London Ontario Portrait Photographer | Jennifer and Lauren – Sisters

When these two lovely sisters contacted me about taking some photos as a Christmas gift for their parents, I was thrilled. It was something a little different for me, as I tend to photograph family units, couples and children alone, so the adult-sister dynamic was something fresh and fun.

We met in a field and, despite the overcast skies, these girls were glowing. And on top of their good looks (I mean, come on! How gorgeous are they!), they were so sweet. It was so wonderful to see two sisters share a close, loving relationship, and I’m glad I was able to capture that through my lens. Jenn and Lauren, I hope your parents loved your photos! I know I loved taking them!

London Ontario Family Photographer | Ryan, Robyn and Tessa

I met this lovely couple a few years ago when I had the pleasure of photographing their maternity session. Little Tessa is as sweet as can be, and it was so fun to meet her and photograph them as a family of three.

Our session took place on their new property (What an amazing “yard”, am I right?!) on a snowy, chilly November afternoon. Despite the cold though, there were lots of smiles and giggles. Here are some favourites.