London Ontario Wedding Photographer | Suzanne and Joel’s Sunset Engagement Session

I had such a great time getting to know Suzanne and Joel during their sunset engagement session. This gorgeous couple is so fun and laid back, and the weather for this shoot was perfection. The best part about the the gorgeous locations we used (sun soaked field + rustic barn = photographer’s dream) is that they also happen to be their wedding ceremony and reception locations. I simply cannot wait to capture their big day at the end of the Summer. In the meantime, enjoy my favourites from our shoot!

The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits (16)

After being away from you to shoot a family session last night, you bounded into my room this morning and announced “Maman, I’m so proud of you for taking nice pictures of the family. And I had a great sleep!” – I don’t think you could get any sweeter. 

London Ontario Maternity Photography | The Fletchers

This session is close to my heart because it features some of our very best friends. We just love these guys so much, and can’t wait to meet their newest bundle, another sweet baby boy. This time around, we went for an in-home lifestyle maternity session and I had a blast capturing Evan and Melissa playing and snuggling with handsome little Teagan (aka Neve’s BFF). Here are my favourites from their session!

The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits (15)

As we looked through your “First 5 Years” memory book, you exclaimed “there’s me in your tummy!” while pointing to a maternity photo that I still remember pasting on that first page so long ago, wondering who you would be.

Project Ten | April (Adventure)

My friend Becky is the creative soul behind Found Decor Company and a wonderful mama of two. One of those lucky (and gorgeous) kiddos is Samuel, who graciously and enthusiastically helped me out with this month’s “Adventure” theme. Becky dressed him perfectly and the sun came out to play. I had so much fun with these. : )

Be sure to follow the blog circle to see everyone else’s take on the theme, starting with Red Rubber Studio!

London Ontario Maternity Photographer | Vincent & Marie-Helene

My husband and I both met Vince at around the same time. It was a long time ago… I was 14. Obviously, my husband and I were not married (or dating) at this point. : )

I have scrapbooks filled with photos of the three of us galavanting around Montreal, where we all lived at the time, hanging out on Mount-Royal, stuffing fancy pizza into our mouths, aimlessly wandering around the Old Port, bowling on a rainy day, etc. For a big part of my adolescence, I spent almost every weekend hanging out with those guys. I still spend every weekend with one of em’ -ha. : ) David and Vince eventually became roommates and the best of friends. Needless to say, we love Vince. And we love that he found someone so sweet, wonderful and fun who makes him so, so happy. The two of them paid us a visit in February and I was so honoured to be able to capture some maternity photos for them. Vincent and Marie-Helene are truly our dearest friends and we are so, so excited to meet their little bebe, who should be here any day now!

London Ontario Engagement Photography | Seb and Gloria

I still remember the day Seb was born. I was in the first grade, and I got called to the office where I was told that It’s A Boy! I remember how overjoyed I was, how lucky I felt for having a little brother. That feeling has never really gone away. I treasure my relationship with my brother so much, a relationship built over years of picking him up from school and walking him home, helping with his homework (he’s always excelled in school), teaching him to play guitar (he is now sooooo much better than me and plays a bazzillion more instruments!), explaining the rules of hockey to him (he went on to be an amazing hockey player)… ok, ok, basically what I’m saying is that I taught the kid everything he knows. Just kidding. : ) For real though, I adore my brother and it makes me so happy to see him with someone that makes him so happy. Gloria is wonderful, and I wish them nothing but the best as they prepare for their upcoming wedding. We did a little engagement session in the freezing cold (teeth chattering cold), and it was so much fun. Here are some of my favourites!