London Ontario Wedding Photographer | Katelyn & Kirk’s Fanshawe Conservation Area Engagement

I’ve always wanted to photograph a couple in a canoe, and I’ve been so lucky this past Fall to do it not once but twice! The first time was for Katelyn and Kirk’s dreamy sunset engagement session at the Fanshawe Conservation Area. The light was just gorgeous, and I was determined to get some backlit shots, even though I was on the wrong side of the shore. Props to Katelyn and Kirk for paddling this pregnant photographer with all her gear to the other side of the shore and dropping her off on a random rock just to get a bit of backlight. I sure do love that delicious, golden pre-sunset light. I had so much fun with the two and can’t wait for their 2015 wedding! Here are some favourites from our shoot.

London Ontario Family Photographer | The Ong Family’s Port Stanley Family Session

Many of my clients know Becky from Found Decor Company, whose fabulous vintage props and treasures have helped me spruce up some of my mini sessions over the last couple of years. Becky is a creative genius and I was so happy to send a bit of creativity back her way with this fun family session in Port Stanley. I love that we were able to get shots in town and by the beach for variety, and that pre-sunset light sure didn’t disappoint! Here are some favourites from the Ong Family session!

London Ontario Wedding Photographer | Monica & Nathan’s Rustic Outdoor Wedding

I’m so happy to finally be sharing Monica and Nathan’s beautiful outdoor August wedding here on the blog.  When I met them for their Spring engagement session and heard all about their plan for a carefree, rustic backyard wedding, I just knew it would be amazing.  I loved the laid back simplicity of this day, and all of the thoughtful, earthy details (my absolute favourite detail – the fresh herbs planted in jars as centrepieces!). Monica and Nathan, thank you so much for the special honour of capturing your beautiful wedding day! Here are some favourites.

Many thanks to my amazing second shooter and assistant, Orsolya Gyorgy!

The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits (44, 45, 46)

Another three weeks have gone by with me only posting the weekly 52 Portraits Project photos to Facebook, and not here on the blog. Oops! Here are weeks 44, 45, & 46. :)

52 Portraits | Week 44

You’ve been talking a lot about your baby sister lately, excitedly telling me all of the things you want to teach and share with her – it’s hard to believe you are just 14 weeks away from big-sisterhood.


52 Portraits | Week 45

Today we ran outside to catch the first fluffy snowflakes of the season on our tongue, and it made me so happy to see how excited you were about Winter’s arrival – just like your mama!


52 Portraits | Week 46

In the middle of a passionate conversation about how much we love muffins (you are your mother’s daughter, after all), you grabbed my face with both hands, kissed my forehead and said “Maman, tu es ma meilleure amie!” (“mommy, you’re my best friend!”)

The Mama Journal | 52 Portraits (41, 42, 43)

I’ve been posting these on Facebook and forgetting to post them on the blog as well, so here are the last three weeks! :) Can’t believe there are only 9 more to go!

52 Portraits | 41

We took our cameras to the park on this very gloomy day – you excitedly photographed leaves and squirrels, reminding me so much of my enthusiasm for photography as a child. I love seeing pieces of myself in you.

52 Portraits | 42

I’ve been under the weather this week, and on the hardest day you let me lie on the couch, making sure I had a steady supply of water, bananas and kisses while you played quietly beside me and let me rest – Thank you, sweet girl.

52 Portraits | 43

This year, you weren’t a baby being dragged out in a cute costume, you were a big girl excited about experiencing the fun for herself, not needing to hold my hand and happily proclaiming “trick or treat” and “thank you!” at every door you knocked on, by yourself.