London Ontario Wedding Photography | Tina and Jon

Tina was so hoping for snow in time for her late November wedding, and while we did get a small sprinkling early that morning, there wasn’t much left by midday. That being said, we didn’t need snow for it to be a perfect, beautiful Christmas-themed wedding. Everything was just right, from the twinkling lights to the winter shawls to the stark November woods that provided such a stunning contrast to the brilliant whites and reds of the wedding party. While the weather was certainly frightful (but who am I to talk, just ask the girls in the gowns and heels), it was a wonderful wedding from start to finish. Here are a few photos from our day.


  • Tina Pritchard

    Sophie I have to say that you are the best photographer. Thanks to you and your incredible talent, the photos from what I have seen are remarkable! From the props to the poses, you made everything look so elegant and pure. I cannot wait to see more photos! Thanks again for making the day so comfortable and relaxing. I would highly recommend you to other people! Excellent Job!!!


    Tina Pritchard

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